Harry Potter

Your Spells professor gave you these instructions... but what could they mean?

  1. Levitate the cauldron thirteen meters high
  2. Unlock the cauldron three times
  3. Silence the clinking for three minutes
  4. Tear one handle off the cauldron
  5. Heal one minor injury from the cauldron
  6. Disarm the insides ten times
  7. Repeat the last spell four times
  8. Enlarge the liquid by five times its current volume
  9. Make the cauldron dance for one minute
  10. Light up your wand for five minutes to illuminate the cauldron
  11. Make the liquid forget three memories
  12. Immobilize the liquid for fourteen hours
  13. Stun the cauldron for one minute
  14. Tickle the liquid for four seconds
  15. Add five flames of fire
  16. Produce one more gallon of water into the cauldron
  17. Summon a Patronus and have it ward off dementors for fifteen hours
  18. Duplicate the cauldron twice, then your potion is complete!