You smell the woody and earthy scents of books as you walk into your favorite place: the library. After waving hi to the librarian, you search for a book that everyone has been talking about recently. This "Hunt20" book seems to be a hit among both young adults and children. You stroll over to the shelf and reach for the book...
...but suddenly, everything starts to shake. Before you can step back, the shelf of books fall forward onto you. You feel a heavy book hit you, and with a quick click, you feel yourself being transported into another dimension.

As you open your eyes, you see some wizards and witches standing over you... Continue

The Bookshelf


As you put the final book in place, suddenly, the bookshelf starts to shake. A blinding flash of light emerges from the bookshelf and as you open your eyes, you see that the once inconspicuous bookshelf has become a portal to the prehistoric past.

As you step inside, you feel yourself being rushed back in time. As you take a step forward into the past, you're greeted by a massive Triceratops. Knowing that they're herbivores, you aren't scared. With its head, it simply points up to the sky and you see a small speck in the sky that seems to be slowly growing.

"Is that... an asteroid?" you ask.

The dinosaur nods in agreement. With a deep and slow voice, it responds, "but not just any asteroid... one that will wipe out all life on Earth. You must use what you will learn to stop it." image/svg+xml

Jurassic Mark

As you look up in the sky, you squint your eyes at the rapidly approaching asteroid. It doesn't look like you have much time left!

How will you stop it? Continue...

The Mesozoic Era

Using everything you've learned, you DEWEY DECIMATE THE ASTEROID, causing it to shatter into a thousand shards. As the dust clears, you remember how the asteroid seemed to spell doom for the dinos, but with the power of magic and a little bit of creativity, you were able to save the day. Seeing the beaming faces on the dinosaurs, you decide not to tell them about any other asteroid that could possibly come at the end of the Cretaceous Period.

Suddenly you hear a soft voice saying "Sweetie, we close at 9". You look up from your book to the librarian. "Oh sorry...just finishing up." Has time really gone by that fast? You stand up and take one last look at the Hunt20 book, before placing it back on the shelf for the next reader.

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