Solution: The Hunger Games
Answer: STONER

Written by Ethan

First, solve the crossword clues and fill out the tributes chart.

Fondness or endearment (9)AFFECTION
Pocket pistol (9)DERRINGER
The supported candidate, e.g. (8)ENDORSEE
Dress fabric (7)ETAMINE
Rapper Minaj (5)NICKI
Silicon Graphics API vector graphics renderer (6)OPENGL
Changed into bone (8)OSSIFIED
Soft fruit (5)PEACH
Chef's instructions (6)RECIPE
US Navy Construction Battalion member (6)SEABEE
Back part of an airplane (7)TAILFIN
Native American tent (6)TEEPEE

One may notice that the letters in these answers are very close to that of the tribute names. Indeed, you can "combine" two answers into "something new:" a tribute name! Extract the outer letters to spell PRESTO NEREID, and with the enumeration at the bottom, repeating this combination step one more time gives preSTO / NEReid, thus STONER.

PeaCH / AFFectioN
ReciPE / ETAminE
EndorSEE / DERringeR
OpenGL / OSSifieD