Solution: Lord of the Rings

Written by Ethan

First identify each of the images. From top to bottom, they are FLETCHER, ISABELLE, CEILINGS, DOLLFUSS, MOLECULE, DECIMALS, MODERATO, and DEMOCRAT. Now we have to place these letters into the dashes around each of the images. Some dashes are shared, which helps disambiguiate the locations of each letter.

One place to start is the bottom part. Knowing that DECIMALS and MODERATO must connect, D and E must be the shared letters between the two. However, we don't know which direction these two words go. If you put an E in the top shared space though, there is no way for DOLLFUSS to connect as there is no E in his name. Thus, this space must be D. From there, use similar logic to place words around the rest of the grid.

In order of the orange line, the letters at the red spaces spell EAGLEHEAD.