Solution: Six of Crows

Written by Ethan

The flavor text hints to "look inside". The clues each hint at two words, where the first word is the middle substring of the second, with an extra leading and trailing letter. This mechanic is confirmed by the flavor text, where "nINa" has the middle word "in". Noticing that there is a letter on either side of each inner word, keep track of what these letters are. Together, they all spell "ANSWER IS FIREBREATHER," so FIREBREATHER.

The / indicates the separation between the inner clue / outer clue

ClueAnswerExtracted letters
Deceive / a foreigner (5)aLIEnAN
Deny / precipitation (4)sNOwSW
Trot with / a runaway lover (6)eLOPErER
Sorcerer / in photographs (6)iMAGEsIS
A curve / is stuffed with food (5)fARCiFI
Always / feel admiration (6)rEVEReRE
Measurement / of door supervisor (7)bOUNCErBR
Metal vein / of water plant (6)eLODEaEA
Spicy / Egyptian god (5)tHOThTH
A lake / is more frightening (6)eERIErER