Solution: The Three Little Pigs

Written by Ethan

First, answer the cryptic crossword clues. The right side is in alphabetical order by clue to indicate that the proper order is determined by the left column.

These answers can be paired with other answers to form triplets (as hinted by 'the three little pigs'). One example is ELECTRON and PROTON, which is missing NEUTRON to complete the triplet. The sets are listed below.

Item 1Item 2Missing item
Taking the third index (a thematic number and indicated by the flavortext) gives DANCE TRIO.

Author’s Notes

This was my first time writing cryptic clues. Big thanks to Puzzle Hunt CMU and DaroCaro for helping me identify the legality of some of these clues.

I especially struggled with writing clues that had a good surface reading, as well as having a good variety of clues. I think more cryptic crossword experience would help me rewrite a lot of these clues.
The triple definition for "turn / an official list / of bread" is something I personally liked, despite it being technically 'incorrect' as a cryptic clue (but it is thematic, 3!)

Flower mob coming back around failure (7)BLOSSOMDef: "flower"; BOM< around LOSS
Shatter quick for pancakes? (9)BREAKFASTDef by example: "pancakes"; BREAK+FAST
Bachelor's around Astley blocks (6)BRICKSDef: "blocks"; B(RICK)S
Among a hubbub blessing, spheres (7)BUBBLESDef: "spheres"; _BUB BLES_
Sweet delayed after cold homecoming (9)CHOCOLATEDef: "sweet"; LATE after C+HOCO
Diamond inside a meal (6)DINNERDef: "a meal"; D+INNER
Nice hug in deity (4)GOODDef: "nice"; GO(O)D
Particle misuses one turn (7)NEUTRONDef: "particle"; (NEUTRON)*
Head of public relations takes primate document (5)PAPERDef: "document"; P(APE)R
Soda bubble result (3)POPDef: "soda" and "bubble result"
Little matter from master weight (6)PROTONDef: "little matter"; PRO+TON
Turn an official list of bread (4)ROLLDef: "turn", "an official list", "bread"
Cisgender in Social Security or small tools (8)SCISSORSDef: "tools"; S(CIS)S+OR+S
Break small round pan (4)SNAPDef: "break"; S+NAP<
Cease the odd sets of pi (4)STOPDef: "cease"; odd letters (S)e(T)s (O)f (P)i
Southern team leader's uncooked fodder (5)STRAWDef: "fodder"; S+T+RAW
Unpleasant drug lyrics within (4)UGLYDef: "unpleasant"; dr(UG LY)rics
Plain vehicle turns everything and one (7)VANILLADef: "plain"; VAN + (I + LLA)<